Simplify! Simplify!

The need to own and to consume more and more things seems to finally be leaving us cold and unsatisfied.  Many of us have begun looking within ourselves for a vision that will satisfy longings.  Interior design styles are reflecting this shift.  Current design is becoming less cluttered and rooms are less packed with "stuff".  If you take a look at design magazines, you will notice this trend. I have seen my own tastes change to lighter color palates and "cleaner" rooms.  I love quiet, soothing rooms where the colors meld together to create a relaxed atmosphere. Too much clutter actually makes me feel anxious.

I've been thinking lately about what captivates me the most about a home.  Of course, I love fine homes but regardless of a home's grandeur or modest-ness, its location or style, a few key traits remain constant:

1. A feeling of welcoming graciousness.

2 A feeling that the home reflects the personality and values of its inhabitants.

3. I don't care for a home that looks staged or overly decorated by an impersonal designer. A talented, caring designer follows their clients tastes and helps the homeowner's home reflect the family.  They guide their clients selections as to nuances like scale and proportion and they offer their vast resources to them but the designer does not dictate!

4.  I find joy in seeing a simple gesture of caring like a vase of tulips on the kitchen table to brighten a dreary winter's day.

5.  An appreciation of beauty and comfort that is captivating in the home.  It is exhibited in numerous ways such as art, photos, a soft throw over the arm of a sofa, and fabrics with a fine hand.

Even though the world is moving at breakneck speed, the art of living well is not going out of fashion.  The art of living well at home is at the heart of having a fulfilling life.  We can increase our standard of living, our wired-ness and busy-ness to the point that we have little time to enjoy it.  We find our happiness in our simple ability to take pleasure in the moment.  I encourage all of my readers and clients to make time for grace and to enjoy their homes in 2015!