Welcome to Carolyn Campbell Interiors

This blog will be designed to lead you down a happy path, free of judgement, bossiness and pretension.

I am passionate about improving my clients’ lives through style, comfort, organization and concepts that are unique to the individual.  I am an expert at balancing design excellence (pattern, color, texture)  with functionality ( space planning, organization, technical/performance requirements) and staying on project.  I want to help you get going on the process and to not be intimidated and to have fun!

 Your home should be an authentic expression of who you are, who you hope to become and it should honor your roots because they have made you exactly who you are today.  That is something worth cherishing and sharing with others.  Decorating is an act to creative self-expression, which is why it’s most often pushed to the side simple because creativity is not seen as a necessity.  Exercising ones creative side is viewed as a luxury, something we can tap into only when we’ve finished everything else.  I encourage my clients to get involved in the creative aspect of setting up their homes.  We all have a creative side.  We simply need to engage it.  Making a home your own really is the spice of life. The ultimate compliment is when someone steps into your home and says, “ This is so you!  I love what you have done!”  

The making of a home is an ongoing process: it’s like a never ending art project, and most importantly, it should be fun!  So….we are a team now.  I wholeheartedly believe that together we can make your home function better, look prettier and make you feel happier.  I’ll give you suggestions every week or so, give you my opinions and ask any questions that you have for me.  Want to get started?